2010 Barbie

Mockup of the Barbie product page in landscape orientation.


When the user rotates the ipad to view in portrait orientation, they see a different Barbie.

1964 Barbie

In portrait orientation, the user now see’s the exact video and images of Barbie from the Sears Wishbook Catalog from 1964. Rotating the orientation of the ipad is a hat tip to “turning back time”.

Wishbook Concept #7

Storyboard, Concepts, Mockups, Illustrations


Sears’ Chairman, Edward Lampert, asked 2 questions:

#1 What app will we create for the 1st gen iPad? #2 Can he see what we come up with, in 2 weeks?

Note: This high fidelity concept was created 2 weeks after the 1st gen iPad was released and demonstrated on an actual iPad. Question #2 was more of a statement.


I created a storyline based on waking up and seeing gifts under the tree. The user taps a gift, that triggers a zoom transition and opens the gift to reveal the toy detail screen. Rotate for portrait view and the gyroscope sensor triggers the retro toy detail screen, using real retro content from the 1960’s Wishbook.