Trending Tree

Pioneered “Trending Tree”, that showed the top 55 in-store products that were being sold in every Sears store in real time.

Snow Globe Browsing

Shake the ipad to browse categories..3D product images that represented each category would cycle through with this interactive snow globe.

Social Media

One of the first ipad apps to integrate social media (2010).

Usability in 2010

Integrated shopping cart in footer, sans top or sides. There wasn’t a guideline in 2010, so our usability studies supported my design of where to place this feature.


Conceptualize, Wireframes, Visual Mockups, Guide Dev Team


How should I design the very first iconic Sears Wishbook iPad App? less than 2 MONTHS!?

Note: The 1st gen iPad was released April 2010 and there were approximately 100 ipad apps available at the time of conceptualizing, wireframing, and mocking this up. No pressure.


Created the idea for the “Trending Tree”; displayed real time trending item sales from all our stores. After nine concepts, the UI theme was made to look like the inside of gift boxes.