Homepage Marquee

Mockup of hero image and content for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.


Blurred a mobile device to use in the background in order to show visual context to the marquee layout in the foreground.

Mobile Layout

Show where the hero image, headline, body copy, primary link style, and marquee controls are located.


Itemized details for each element and where they are located in the mobile layout.

Style Asset Guide

Responsive web design asset library guidelines


How do we convert over 1300 desktop web pages, utilized UX / UI patterns, best practices, asset library, realign visual taxonomy and content to a responsive web design? (..and still maintain over $20b revenue generated via website)


Formed a baseline by starting with common global sections, functions, content, and styles. Discovered and pioneered new conditional functions to integrate dropdowns, tabs, collapsible and scalable content,etc. Guided 5 teams to successfully integrate responsive web design best practices without crossing the fine line of completely customizing individual device browser experiences.