Mockup #1

Product image left aligned, other product images smaller and blurred in the background. Partial background images on the left and right to show affordance that there’s more to view.

Mockup #2

Product image center aligned. User can view 2 more product images in the background than mockup #1, and still have an affordance to let them know that there’s more to view.

Mockup #3

User can browse through product images in an album flip style affordance.

Clothing Rack

UX / UI Concept, Mockups


How should users browse apparel items with an iPad App utilizing current API images and other related data in a similar way as using a physical clothing rack?


All API images are square. I mocked up three browsing affordances to show previous and next items, allowing customers to drag and drop items in a virtual clothing rack below each item to review later. Additionally, I added an infinity background and shadowing on each image to enhance a better depth of field. Distinctive colors are focused on the item, call to action, cart, and brand.