Search and Browse

#1 functional destination on homepage design. Top centered and thick border.

User Status

Ensure the correct representative is logged in with an icon to notify them of any pending items to address.

Browse Product

Highly visual images to quickly find and show current promotional items to clients.

Trending Product

Secondary browse feature that showcases realtime trending products that aren’t necessarily promotional items.

Current Order

Quick view of the client’s current order that can be modified with one touch.

Beverage Rep

UX / UI Mockups


Create an enterprise, white label iPad concept for SAP to use with it’s beverage distribution sales reps. SR’s should be able to pitch new products, make sales process easy, create orders, view quotes and invoices, etc.


Create a highly visual, easy to use, streamlined productivity interface that’s easy for Sales Reps to view 1000’s of products, current trending products, new promotional products, and order them in real time for their clients using their iPad.